Put the lid on tight make sure no gaps (air tight) fill container with water from the bottom by holding upside down under a tap then whilst still upside down place bowl in position then turn complete unit up the right way and place on level surface. It should work as the vacuum (thus airtight) in the top of the unit prevents the water running out.

Please test your sipper in a sink prior to use.

1. Use string (or fabric tape) to measure around your dog’s nose (just behind the wet bit of the nose).

2. Place your forefinger under the string to ensure enough space for your dog to be comfortable – don’t tighten the string. It should be free to move around the dog’s nose.

3. Measure the string and check off the muzzle size – if it is not an exact match then take to the nearest size.

4. Fit the selected muzzle on your dog. Check the fit by running your finger inside the noseband. Your dog must be able to pant and have free tongue movement. Better a little loose than too tight!

1. Open out the cage and line up the panels as per image no 1.

2. Push the corners of the cage together so they interlock and feed the hooked pole through the interlocked loops on all fours conrners.

3. Pull back the shelf and ladder and place the floor panel (Part A) into the bottom of the cage securely.

4. Insert the second level (Part B) into position (where the rim is half way down) ensuring that the end where the cut out is, is opposite the fixed shelf and ladder.  Place the ladder (Part c) on to the rim so it leads down to the base of the cage.

5. Lock the fixed shelf and ladder into position as per image no 2.

6. Lift the cage into position into the base tray as per image 3. and clip cage to the base unit.

To check your dog’s size, measure along the back from the collar to the base of the tail.

The breed size guide is for guidance purposes.

Dogs can differ in size enormously within each breed category.

Please measure your dog as indicated